The CLP was able to discuss with Stefano ZARINI, Responsible for the European Laser Application Center and François SALAÜN, Laser Machining Group Manager, both within the company OPTOPRIM.

We asked them questions about their company, PLI Conference and also what being a member of the CLP brings to them.

Find their answers below!

What is your company specialty and equipment?


The company is specialized in the distribution of high technology equipment and in the engineerization of Laser processes for industrial development, with a complete and broad spectrum of instrumentation and processes. Our goal is to fill the gaps between research and industry, providing knowledge and expertise, together with latest Laser Technologies and Measurement Equipments.

What is your job, and for how long have you worked in the company?


I studied Mechanical Engineering and received my PhD in Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2016. Since then, I’ve always been working in the Laser process development and the industrialization of Laser Application field in Optoprim. The focus has been on cutting edge technology for high power application and later getting focused on welding and e-mobility. Now I am responsible for the European Laser Application Center in the Optoprim group 

Can you tell us about a success, a concrete case on which you were able to work? 


Almost all of our application cases are under NDA so it is difficult to share the most effective ones. What was really effective from our side is the capability to understand the need of our costumers in order to tailor the solution that they are looking for. 

How did you discover the CLP and what does being a member brings to OPTOPRIM?


OPTOPRIM discovered the CLP through John LOPEZ and we participate to the PLI Conferences since the beginning of the CLP, either with tables-tops or via a Speaker    (Like Stefano did at PLI Conference in Rennes).

The CLP brings us a very good visibility of the latest high-end laser developments and the networking combined with company visits done during the conferences give us the chance to promote our capabilities in term of Laser Solutions for the integrators and end-users.

Stefano, it was your first participation at the PLI conferences, what was your favorite moment?                      


Technical talk were my favorite part. It was a high level of contents and there were various topics.

You can also discover the video testimony of Stefano ZARINI filmed during the PLI Conference !

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