PLI Conférences - Guest Speakers : Duncan HAND

PLI Conférences - Guest Speakers : Duncan HAND

The CLP is pleased to introduce you to the 9 guest speakers present at the PLI Conferences this year !

Duncan HAND - HERIOT-WATT University

Duncan Hand is Professor of Applied Photonics at Heriot-Watt University, where he teaches Physics and has research interests in applications of high power lasers, mostly in manufacturing.

He is Director of the £3.6M 4-university Medical Device Manufacturing Centre (MDMC) the purpose of which is to assist small and medium sized companies in the manufacturing of medical devices.

Since its inception in April 2020, the MDMC has provided direct assistance to >20 companies. In addition to this role, he leads 3 current UK research council grants (total funding £2.5M): (i) Platform Grant on Manufacturing of Medical Devices; (ii) 3D printing of shape memory alloys for medical applications; (iii) Ultra-short pulsed laser welding for bonding IR and visible optical materials.

He is also involved in research to develop minimally-invasive laser-based surgery for treatment of early stage colon cancer, and in the development of devices for cancer diagnosis via in-vivo mechanical probing of tissue.

In addition, he has extensive previous leadership and management experience at Heriot-Watt including Deputy Principal and Executive Dean roles, and he is currently Deputy Head of School of Engineering and Physical Sciences.



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