Guest speaker at PLI Conferences : Jiri Martan

Guest speaker at PLI Conferences : Jiri Martan

The PLI Conferences event will take place this year on June 18th and 19th in Bordeaux, at the Palais de la Bourse. This edition is organized in partnership with Alphanov, Alpha-RLH, Amplitude and Lasea. Eleven internationally renowned guest speakers will be present to share their expertise.

Meet one of them: Jiri Martan, Senior Researcher at New Technologies - Research Centre, University of West Bohemia.

- About is background

My background is in physics, in the field of pulsed lasers, measurement of fast processes, thermal processes and thermal properties of thin films.

- What made you want to work in this field?

I was first interested in programming. But later at university I have found that it is only a tool and I was more attracted to physics. Physics is for me very attractive, because I can observe new phenomenon and I can measure there something the first one in the Earth. As was for example for me measurement of thermal conductivity of thin films for machining tools at high temperatures. 

Now I am working a lot also in mechanical and materials engineering. Here it is interesting to produce novel surfaces with specific surfaces having very special properties. It can be done by laser surface texturing using ultrashort pulsed lasers. I am happy to work here to help scale-up the processing speed and enable real time process monitoring and even control, not possible before.

- How did you learn about the PLI Conferences and what does this event represent for you?

I was invited to the event by my friends and colleagues from the Bordeaux area. I like very much French country, language and food. I studied half of my Ph.D. study in France in Orleans at GREMI laboratory. So it is a possibility for me to come back to France which I like.

- What will be the subject of your conference?

I will be talking about high speed temperature measurement in pulsed laser micro-processing. Something what is not well developed yet and we can help there with our knowledge of fast infrared detectors and optics, calibrations and melting observation in nano- and microsecond time scale combined with knowledge of short and ultrashort pulsed laser processes, like texturing, micromachining, remelting or LIPSS formation.

- What do you expect from these two days of conferences?

I expect meeting with new people and with friends. I look forward to meetings, presentations, discussions, networking events. I look forward to challenging tasks and questions which can arise from the discussions. And I would be happy if some collaborations can be started or strengthened so that some of our ideas and innovations will be used by our partners in their research and jobs and will help them to achieve their goals.

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