ALPhANOV, imaging solution for health

ALPhANOV, imaging solution for health

As early as 2015, ALPhANOV had expressed its desire to be an actor for health, through the XPulse project. This project aims to develop an innovative phase contrast imaging system using intense laser-generated X-rays for the early detection of breast cancer.

In 2019, ALPhANOV intensified its internal research in the field of biophotonic imaging for diagnosis and therapy.

Using its recent femtosecond fiber laser developments and its new modular microscope, ALPhANOV has done its first nonlinear images (fluorescence, SHG) on biological samples.

Our microscopy platform currently features:

Nonlinear fluorescence imaging of a finger skin, using less than 10 mW of our 800 nm 40 fs Ti-PULS laser.

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