High precision large surface machining

High precision large surface machining

New solutions offering quality machining and overcoming field limitations.

Until the end of 2019, the use of laser sources made large surface (≈ m²) machining possible through the use of robots or large plates. However, these technologies risked being expensive, slow (≈ 10 cm/s) and unable to reach the levels of precision (≈µm) typical of reduced field (≈ several cm²) galvanometric scanners.
To overcome this technological obstacle ALPhANOV acquired, at the end of 2019, a system that synchronizes the movement of a latest-generation, high-speed scanner (up to 30 m/s) with the movements of a 3-axis machine. This system, called XL Scan, supplied by the company Scanlab, makes it possible to obtain a maximum field size of 60 cm while maintaining the speed and high precision of the galvanometric scanner. In addition, in certain industrial applications, very high-quality machining is required. Femtosecond technology can then benefit from this new system in order to obtain a wider distribution.

Following a study carried out in collaboration with Amplitude and Scanlab, ALPhANOV showed in a recent publication that the use of an XL Scan system and a femtosecond laser provides precision in the positioning of each pulse ≤ 1µm.

To find out more about this, here is a study published by the Journal "Optics Express".

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