Join the CLP community in 2020!

Join the CLP community in 2020!

The Club Laser & Procédés is pleased to launch its 2020 membership call. Whether you have been part of our 56 members in 2019 or are not yet part of our community, the CLP team invite us to join us for this new year!

About the CLP

The Club Laser & Procédés (CLP) is a non-profit organization that brings together the main actors in the field of industrial laser technologies and laser material processing.

What are the missions of the CLP?

The CLP accompanies its members through 3 key missions:
>> NETWORK: Generate skilled leads for members through the association’s network
>> VISIBILITY:  Increase members’ visibility within the laser industry
>> DIFFUSION : Release members' news to the entire network of the association

Why join the CLP?

Being a member of the CLP means joining a dynamic professional network, contributing in the development and promotion of the laser industry. For more than 30 years, the CLP has been carrying out actions for the benefit of its members to give them more visibility.

What to expect in 2020

-    An ever more enriched and targeted communication through our various media: website, social networks, Newslaser, directory...
-    A responsive team, always attentive
-    The PLI Conference event Conferences with a great program on key themes
-    A collective booth and a laser workshop at the MICRONORA international trade fair
-    And many more opportunities ...

Hoping to count you among our members in 2020!

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