PLI Conferences - Guest speaker: Verena WIPPO

PLI Conferences - Guest speaker: Verena WIPPO

The PLI Conferences will take place this year on September 27 and 28 in Rennes, at the Roazhon Park stadium, in collaboration with Cailabs, the Maupertuis Institute and Photonics Bretagne. Ten internationally renowned guest speakers will be present to share their expertise with you.

Discover one of them, Verena WIPPO, researcher at Laser Zentrum Hannover.


Verena Wippo works in the Composite Group at the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. for over 12 years. Her main field of activity is the laser welding of unreinforced and fibre reinforced thermoplastics. Ms. Wippo has a diploma in Mechanical Engineering with the main focus on Machines, Systems and Automation in Production Engineering and Mechanisms and Robotics. Since July 2019, she is head of the composites group.

 What made you want to give a conference at the PLI Conferences?

I hope to meet other experts on laser processing of carbon fiber reinforced plastics and high temperature thermoplastics.

What will be the subject of your conference?

Subject of my presentation is the” Development of innovative laser based processes for the aerospace industry”. The presentation will focus on drilling of micro holes into carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) and the repair of thermoplastic CFRP.

 What do you expect from these two days of conferences?

I hope to hear a about a wide range of different topics related to the latest developments in laser technology and manufacturing processes. Furthermore, I hope to meet innovative researchers and industry leaders in the field of laser processing.


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