We asked our Board of Directors to tell us a little more about CLP ...

The second to play the game is the Director of Laser Cheval, a long-standing member: Emric VERWAERDE !

Check out his answers:

What made you want to get involved in the CLP board?

Laser Cheval has been a member of the CLP for many years. When I took over the management of the company in early 2019, the question did not even arise because CLP allows us to share with our peers on topics that revolve around the laser and its applications.

Why would you advise a company to join CLP ?

Today, we operate in a complex environment and the changes are faster and faster. Being a member of the CLP allows us to interact regularly with market players and to anticipate.

By coming together in a human-sized association, we can also pool certain expenses (communication, exhibitions, etc.) and increase our visibility.

What do you think are the future areas of development for laser technology ?

Laser technology is a recent technology with big regular innovations. The most relevant areas of development at the moment seem to me to be on the industrialization of short femtosecond pulses. The cost of this technology is the biggest obstacle to its development. The challenge for the next few years is therefore to continue to offer machines that are less and less expensive while further increasing their performance and, above all, taking into account the overall process (the overall cost). The socio-economic environment is favorable to the development of this technology, for which the environmental impact is lower than many historical technologies, but it must still be more accessible.

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