The CLP in key dates...

The CLP in key dates...

The Club Laser & Procédés (CLP) is a non-profit organization that brings together the main actors in the field of industrial laser technologies and laser material processing for more than 30 years. Discover some key dates of the association...

1985: The statutes of the association « Club Laser de Puissance » are deposited.

1986: The first edition of the « Bulletin de Liaison », ancestor of our current Newslaser, is released.

2005: The association becomes independent, self-financed and adopts the name of Club Laser & Procédés.

2009: The Annual Days of the Club Laser & Procédés are renamed the International Conference on Industrial Processing (JNPLI)

2010: John Lopez becomes President of CLP.

The bar of 110 JNPLI participants was crossed for the first time.

2016: The JNPLI are held for the first time outside the national territory, in Liège, Belgium.

The conferences are now organized in double session.

2019: The Club Laser & Procédés adopts a new visual identity.

A brand new website is coming online, with many features for the members.

The JNPLI event reinvents itself and merges with the Espace Laser trade fair to form a unique event, Laser Processing for Industry.

2020: in progress...

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