PLI Conferences 2024

PLI Conferences 2024

Discover the organizing committee for the 2024 edition of the PLI Conferences event!

The CLP's mission is to foster the development and promotion of industrial laser applications and to promote the skills of its members within the industrial and scientific communities.

ALPhANOV is a major player in the laser process sector, from process development to tailor-made R&D systems.

The ALPHA-RLH Photonics & Microwave competitiveness cluster supports companies and laboratories in setting up, providing expertise and financing innovation projects, supporting the growth of innovative companies as well as export development and access to new markets.

Amplitude Laser Group manufactures and markets ultrashort lasers intended for the industrial, medical and scientific sectors.

The LASEA Group designs and manufactures laser machines specialized in high-precision processes, from the definition of the laser process to its integration into a workstation or within a production line.

Tuesday 18 June 2024
17 Place de la Bourse, Palais de la Bourse Bordeaux
33000 Bordeaux, France

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