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Emma Verdier

Sales Engineer, Laser processing


Rue François Mitterrand,
Institut d'Optique d'Aquitaine
33400 Talence


Processes : Ablation / Micro machining, Cutting / Drilling, Additive manufacturing / Cladding / 3D printing, Surface treatment / Functionalization / Cleaning / Texturing, Marking / Engraving / Traceability , Welding / Brazing
Materials : Metal, Plastic, Ceramic , Glass, Textile, Wood

ALPhANOV is a center for innovation and technology transfer in the fields of photonics and lasers. Through its mission of providing companies with technological support, ALPhANOV develops innovative photonic systems, and services and products for various markets (medical, environmental, luxury, aeronautics, space, defence, etc.). 

Through its establishment within the Aquitaine Institute of Optics in Talence and within the Xlim laboratory in Limoges, ALPhANOV is a real link between research and industry. ALPhANOV has been recognized for its ability to generate and promote key innovations at the origin of several business creations. 

Within the ALPHA-RLH Competitiveness Cluster, ALPhANOV fully contributes to the dynamics of the photonics and laser sector in New Aquitaine, in particular by being a key partner of numerous collaborative R&D projects at regional, national and European levels. 

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