PLI Conference 2023

PLI Conference 2023

PLI Conference 2023 is organized by the Club Laser et Procédés, Cailabs, Institut Maupertuis and Photonics Bretagne.

- The CLP's mission is to foster the development and promotion of industrial laser applications and to promote the skills of its members within the industrial and scientific communities.

- Created in 2013, Cailabs is a French deep tech company, based in Rennes, which designs, manufactures and sells solutions in the field of photonics.

- The Maupertuis Institute is an R&D and innovative technology transfer resource center located in Brittany with areas of expertise in laser applications and industrial robotic and cobotic solutions.

- Located in Lannion, Photonics Bretagne is a photonics innovation hub made up of a cluster of more than 100 members and a technological platform expert in special optical fibers, components and biophotonics.

The project team for this 2023 edition is:

- John LOPEZ, President – ​​CLP
- Fanny VOINSON, Communications Officer – CLP
- Lucile GÉANT, Communications Officer – CLP
- Gwenn PALLIER, Product Line Manager – CAILABS
- Cécile BARBIER, Marketing & communications director – CAILABS
- David LEMAITRE, Technical Director – INSTITUT MAUPERTUIS
- Anne-Charlotte DESCLAUD, Communication Manager – INSTITUT MAUPERTUIS
- Gwenaëlle LEFEUVRE, Business Development – PHOTONICS BRETAGNE

Wednesday 27 September 2023
111 Route de Lorient, Stade de Rennes - Roazhon Park
35000 Rennes, France

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