PLI Conference 2023

PLI Conference 2023

Panel meeting "Laser & E-mobility" - Thursday 28th September from 12pm to 1pm

• Introduction :
o Gwenn Pallier, Product Line Manager, Cailabs
o Sébastien Personnic, Development director, ID4MOBILITY

• Experts contribution :
o David Allioux, Climate & Digital consultant, BL evolution : How to reduce our transportation carbon footprint ?    
o Antoine Blanc, Carbon Net Zero Europe, Stellantis : What is impacting the carbon footprint of an electric vehicle? How to reduce it?
o Markus Kogel Hollacher, Head of department R&D projects, Precitec How lasers can help to have a cleaner and more efficient manufacturing of electric vehicles?

• Questions & Answers session

Wednesday 27 September 2023
111 Route de Lorient, Stade de Rennes - Roazhon Park
35000 Rennes, France

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