Micro-applications session – PLI Conference 2019

Micro-applications session – PLI Conference 2019

During PLI Conference 2019, one session is entirely dedicated to micro-applications. The latest innovations will be presented by laser experts.

Don’t miss the talks of: 

- José Antonio RAMOS, LASEA : « Combinaison of beam shaping and beam splitting for precision cutting and drilling with high power ultrafast lasers » 

- Girolamo MINCUZZI, ALPHANOV : « Sub wavelength, two-dimensional, stainless steel surface structuring by industrial, double pulses, femtosecond laser » 

- Thierry ENGEL, IREPA LASER : « Chemical maturation of superhydrophobic texturing on metals » 

- Antoine MERCIER, IRT SAINT EXUPÉRY: « Laser surface preparation for adhesive bonding » 

- Sylvain LECLER, ICUBE : « Working distance increase in photonic nanojet laser micro-processing » 

- Thomas SCHMIDT, IFW : « Micro lens arrays made by CO2-laser radiation » 

- Sébastian HENKEL, ERNST-ABBE UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES JENA : « Development of a novel manufacturing chain for efficient fabrication of complex 3D glass elements » 

- Guillaume LAFOY, ALPHANOV : « Feasibility study of high-repetition rate laser shock peening on Al2024-T351 » 

- Nicolas COMPERE, MANUTECH USD : « Use of femtosecond laser, from concept to industrialization » 

- John LOPEZ, CELIA CNRS : « Fused silica ablation by double femtosecond laser pulses with variable delays » 

- Frédéric MERMET, IREPA LASER : « Multibeam laser head for micro machining parallel processing » 

- Girolamo MINCUZZI, ALPHANOV : « Beam engineering for high throughput material processing » 

Other experts will talk about additive manufacturing, laser welding, process control and new technologies.

We hope to see you in Colmar on the 25th & 26th September 2019!

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